Multiple Best in Show, Multiple Best in Specialty Show Winner
American and Canadian Champion
Bluechip Cool Night V Raz TT ROM
January 1 1983 - May 26 1997
Am. Can. Ch. Schoenika's Erasmus V Seric Am. Can. TD Am. CDX
Am. Ch. Schoenika's A'Mut V Quay
Am. Can. Ch. Bluechip Ambrosia V Buzz
Am. Can. Ch. Schoenika's Brava V Quay Can CD TD
Int. Ch. Quedame De La Steingasse
Am. Ch. Brandenburg's Astrid CD
Am. Ch. Schoenika's Alexa V Quay
Int. Ch. Quedame De La Steingasse
Am. Ch. Ebenholtz Buzz Saw V Cyrgert
Can. Ch. Dragonair The Black Cat V Al CD
Am. Ch. Ebenholtz Bobi D'Lux V Deberic
Am. Ch. Schoenika's Anya V Quay
Can. Ch Otch Dragonair The Black Atlan
Am. Ch. Schoenika's Algernon V Quay
#1 Working Dog In Canada 1988
#1 Giant in Canada for 5 years
Multiple Best In Show Winner
Multiple Specialty Winner
Show of Shows Group Winner

Sire of  12 American Champions
           15 Canadian Champions
7  Am. Can. Champions
34    Champions
The powerful force in my heart, and in my mind.
The light of my life.
The keeper of my dreams.
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BIS winner "Copper"